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        Allow Everyone Enjoy Life With Delicious Fruit

        Delicacy is

        A Delightful Enjoyment

        We believe that delicious fruit is a reward for those following the natural laws

        A Warm-hearted Fruit Seller

        A Heart-warming Fruit Stores

        More than 4,000 community stores in more than 80 cities

        We deliver the gift of nature through each of our store

        Every Effort be Rewarded

        Enable upstream growers to make big money from growing fruit

        Give fruit workers a more dignified life

        Headquarters address: Floor 11-13, Tower B, Jiansheng Building, No.1, Pingji Avenue, Longgang District, Shenzhen

        Customer hotline: 400-181-1212

        Y ICP B No.: 05040617号-1

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